Electric Fence Options


Shockoloza offer the widest range of bracket designs and colours. In designing any installation, special attention is given to ensuring that the fencing is as unobtrusive as possible whilst remaining completely effective.

For most domestic and industrial applications, five to seven strands of thin stainless steel wire are erected on the perimeter walls; and hot-dip galvanized flat-bar brackets support the wires with UV resistant insulators. Brackets are usually erected at three metre intervals with wires at 100 mm gaps. The brackets effectively raise the perimeter boundary, normally by half a metre. The electrified wires are usually tensioned with stainless steel springs and spring hooks.

Energizer and Installation

Shockoloza only use energizers that have proven efficacy in the Southern African marketplace. Energizers are available in a variety of outputs – and the “size” of the energizer required is determined by the length of fence and property conditions. Our energizers have been proven in use in literally thousands of applications from game reserves to golf courses, industry to institutions, businesses to barracks, and family homes to farms.

For most Shockoloza domestic and industrial applications, an energizer producing a stored-energy of six joules and delivering a maximum pulse-energy of four joules is ideal. This is non-lethal, yet delivers a shock strong enough to stop the most determined intruder. A 12v maintenance-free sealed lead-acid battery provides a minimum of four hours operation in the event of a mains-power failure. The energizer may be activated or de-activated simply by turning it on/off with a security key, and has various inputs and outputs that allow for monitoring.

Mains energizers should be mounted close to the electrified fence, on a wall, under cover and out of the reach of children. In applications where energizers cannot be powered by mains power, battery-powered or solar-powered energizers are also available.


Monitoring of your fencing can either be done via your existing burglar alarm or via radio transmitter signal to any security monitoring center which complies with the by-laws of the South African Intruder Detection Services Association. Any interference on the fence will generate both audible and visual alarms. The audible alarm will auto reset after four minutes, and visual alarm will flash until reset.

Other security options

A Shockoloza fence can also in tandem with other security devices such a CCTV cameras, infrared beams and other high-tech security devices to further enhance the security of any property.

Remote On/Off and Cut-out Switches

The use of remote on/off switches and cut-out switches can greatly enhance the flexibility of your electric fence system – and are particularly “helpful” in the event of fault finding, safety and maintenance.

Warning Signage

The law dictates that when an electrified fence is installed where it might reasonably be expected to be touched by the public, then warning signs must be attached.


Shockoloza only use the highest quality materials and operate with teams of well-trained and motivated artisans. Never-the-less, electrified fences need periodic checking and testing, and we recommend that the fence be checked every few months by our service crew. The recommended time period will vary according to plant growth, moisture and local environmental factors. Service checks include ensuring that the fence remains free of arcing and operates efficiently; checking alarm functions and communications with the appropriate monitoring center; and cutting back interfering plant growth.


All work and equipment provided by Shockoloza is guaranteed for 12 months.